Lincoln Lodge #11 Alexandria, Virginia

History of Lincoln Lodge No. 11 F & A Prince Hall Masons

The Masonic organization of which Lincoln Lodge No. 11 is a part of was founded under the leadership of Prince Hall; hence we are Prince Hall Masons. In 1865, Lincoln Lodge No. 11 was founded. A warrant was secured from the Independent Grand Lodge of Maryland, which styled its members Free and Accepted Ancient York Masons. At the quarterly session held June 23, 1868, Brother Hannibas S. King represented Lincoln Lodge for the first time. In 1874, Lincoln Lodge relinquished its membership with the Independent Grand Lodge of Maryland.


History of Prince Hall
The Father of Black Masonry in the United States

Prince Hall is recognized as the Father of Black Masonry in the United States. He made it possible for us to also be recognized and enjoy all priviliges of Free and Accepted Masonry.
Many rumors of the birth of Prince Hall have arisen. Few records and papers have been found of him either in Barbados where it was rumored that he was born, but no record of birth, by church or state, has been found there, and none in Boston. All 11 countries of the day were searched and churches with baptismal records were examined without a find of the name of Prince Hall.




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